1. drfever's Avatar
    Today I started getting sudden it tooth issues with my phone. It's connected to my Audi integrated system.

    All outgoing calls are loaded with static, so much so that the audio is barely understood. However there are no such issues with incoming bluetooth calls or when the phone is being used normally without bluetooth.

    Anyone ever experience similar problems or does anyone have some possible trouble shooting tips?

    Much appreciated as always.

    Posted from my Z30 on CB10
    04-10-14 10:31 AM
  2. drfever's Avatar
    Ok here's what I've done to solve the problem. I'll keep this up in case anyone runs through the same issue.

    I deleted the saved bluetooth connection to my car.

    I did a new bluetooth setup with my car and this resolved the issue.

    No replies needed. Figured it out on my own.

    So if anyone runs into same issue, delete the saved connection, re-establish a nes connection and this should fix the issue as it did for me.


    Posted from my Z30 on CB10
    04-10-14 10:45 AM

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