1. elimail's Avatar
    I wasn't impressed with any of the US based reviews, so I had to look elsewhere.

    Living with the BlackBerry Z30 - 18 Nov 2013 - Computing News

    BlackBerry Z30 Review - Tracy and Matt's Blog
    11-18-13 11:21 PM
  2. PauloPImenta's Avatar
    Good to read! Spread the news.

    Proud user of Z30 and Q10
    11-19-13 01:12 AM
  3. Spawn12's Avatar
    Yep some good reviews finally for Blackberry and the Z30.

    Ive had mine now for the past few days, well since Sat but only got a chance to set it up last night and have to say im very impressed with it. Looks like my trusty Z10 has been replaced lol.
    11-19-13 05:22 AM
  4. Bor Navas's Avatar
    "No YouTube app!"? Funny they don't know with the z30 you don't need an app to watch YouTube... anyway it's nice to read good reviews instead of the verge/bgr usual crap

    Posted via my z10 - BBM channel pin C000F331C
    11-19-13 06:46 AM

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