1. tychow's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Being a novice in Blackberry world, there is one app (LINE) that I am particular interested in but sad enough that they don't offer here with BB10 OS...but I do notice that sideloading is available. So being all new on BB world, I am just not sure I am doing it right.

    As far as I can manage to find over forum and other source, it only shows sideload on Q10/Q5/Z10, but nothing on Z30. Just there are too many questions i need to understand before I dare to try onto my new device, namely:

    Android Runtime: I can't find mine on the Blackberry World, do I need one since I am 10.2 right out of the box.
    Debug Token (Development Mode): Shown "Not Installed", should I be having it and where to get one?
    IP Address: Follow default setting ( and also I have the option to change, should I change it?

    I am currently using MAC, and i found the Chrome method to be very simple which I can do it over wi-fi (is it?), but just these are some of the questions I need your assistance before moving forward to sideload the app.

    So here are some details on my hardware and really hoping that Gurus out there can give me some pointer as how to move forward to get this app on to my Z30.

    Model Number
    Software Release
    OS Version

    Thanks in advance..

    11-03-13 01:10 AM
  2. cdnrower's Avatar
    Development mode is required to side load. Use the ip that you will see under Settings>About>Network>IPv4 for your Chrome settings. You can save it there along with the device PW.

    As to debug token, unless you created the bar file yourself on your machine from the apk, you won't need a debug token. Your LINE app may still not work even sideloading. It's a hit/miss game for the bar files out there. Even if you are running android runtime unlocked. Good luck....

    ~ CB10 on my Z30 with10.2.0.1791
    11-03-13 08:50 AM
  3. tychow's Avatar
    Oic...thanks for sharing.

    Indeed things will be different without LINE. I'm keeping my finger cross here after the future of BB is a little brighter with fresh capital being injected into the company, developers would see this as an opportunity to grow with the company.

    Lets hope for the best!!!

    Once again, thanks for informing.

    11-05-13 04:21 AM
  4. johnts's Avatar
    Given my problems with 4 Z10's in 4 months, the latest issue being the sideloaded apps don't work with and unlocked 595 runtime, I was wondering if anybody was having any issues with sideloading downloaded.bar files from the various sites that have them.
    I was thinking if there are minimal issues with sideloading, to try and get a Z30 out of VZ as a replacement for my current Z10. I don't run many apps, no games, but do want a few things that I currently can't make work on my Z10.
    11-05-13 08:35 AM
  5. LWKING's Avatar
    If you use a debug token, LINE will work.

    I've used both locked and unlocked runtimes. The locked+debug method has given me 100% success.

    Search the forum for xsascha's video on installing any android app successfully. Create your debug token from there. You can install it on your device by using a playbook chrome extension. From there, just follow the instructions in the video to get LINE on you device. The only other thing you need to do is find the LINE apk file.

    Posted with my Q10!
    11-05-13 08:58 AM

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