03-10-14 09:15 PM
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  1. DrSeuss43's Avatar
    My very first cell phone...waaay back when was a BlackBerry. I had one w the roller ball, then one without. I then crossed over to the Apple side. Figured I love my MacBook, so....why not? Years later....having used the iPhone 3, 4, 4S, 5C and 5S....I crossed back over. Traded my 5S for a z30. Wasted so many years using iPhones which were constantly "upgraded" over the years, yet essentially remained the same.. Security/privacy w the z30 is bar none. My ex-bf constantly hacked into every iPhone.. I must have 2 dozen Apple IDs out there, lol. TYSM, BlackBerry!! Good to be back!
    Any Apple junkie who give the z30 a chance will be hooked. Immediately.
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    03-06-14 02:05 PM
  2. Nader Salem's Avatar
    You will love more with Z30

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    03-06-14 06:07 PM
  3. Daryll Davis's Avatar
    I'm on my Z30 now and I love it subscribe to my BBM channel everybody C00459BAA

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    03-10-14 07:33 PM
  4. BobWalker's Avatar
    Yes, you should. No question about it.

    Unless you don't want to have the best and don't want to be the best... maybe you don't want to impress the boss... maybe you like falling in the middle of the heap in terms of your production and being passed over for promotion. If that's the case, get one of the old-school OS phones. I'm not judging. Excellence, by definition, is not for everyone.
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    03-10-14 07:58 PM
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    Best response on Crackberry I've read to date.
    03-10-14 09:15 PM
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