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    I got a Z30 from ShopBlackBerry on 02/16. I'm on AT&T. Got the phone up and running and it was AWESOME for a week. Once 10.3.1 started rolling out, I powered the phone down to try to "encourage" it to update. That's when the issues started.

    Not to exaggerate, but....just about every problem with a BB phone that I have ever heard happened intermittently. The phone wouldn't boot up, the screen was just black and nothing would come up at all (but the LED worked), the hub wouldn't load, contacts wouldn't load, the "accounts" setup wouldn't load, apps would not start (they would start for a split second and then would immediately close), visual voicemail disappeared, the phone would randomly shut down after a normal command (like swiping left), text rendering was screwed up, etc.

    Like I said...EVERYTHING that I have ever heard going wrong went wrong. It was almost funny how it happened over and over again. Every time i started it up, something else was going on with it. Within literally minutes every time i would restart it, it would crap the bed. This happened dozens of times. It wouldn't last more than a couple minutes before it would die and it would go back to the initial setup (where you set your language, go through the tutorials, etc.).

    Once it started happening, I just put my SIM back in my Q10 and kept trying to get the Z30 to work. I did a couple security wipes, and that didn't change anything. I reinstalled the OS with BlackBerry Link, and that didn't do anything. After many hours spread over a couple days, I gave up and requested a refund from Shop BlackBerry. They are sending me the FedEx label any day now to send it back.

    Just now, I just turned the phone on again and it SEEMS to be working better. And, all of the sudden, the 10.3.1 update was there. Amazingly, the phone has made it far enough into the setup process to allow the download. I'm going to let it finish and see if it actually installs.

    My question is this: The phone seemed to be absolutely toast on a fresh OS install and literally couldn't get past the initial setup screens without shutting down. Could the new 10.3.1 OS resurrect it? Or does it sound like it is beyond repair and I should throw in the towel? Because I already requested the return from Shop BlackBerry, I don't know if I should hold off or give it a shot. Assuming the 10.3.1 install goes ok, I'm obviously going to play with it to see how it works. But I don't know if I am wasting my time with a flawed handset or not.

    02-24-15 04:36 PM
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    It is hard to say. I've had the Z30 since only last month. I'd loaded a leak on it and it appeared to work then had issues. So I loaded a Blitz file with the latest OS. But then had sensor issues and my Camera and video would not rotate to Landscape.

    Yesterday I used a full Autoloader (found in our Leak OS subforum) and things have been fine for 24 hours. Sensors are working again and Landscape mode is also working.

    So let it run its course and see how it is going.
    02-24-15 06:11 PM
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    Stay away from Leaks!
    There may have been a glitch in the matrix, confusion with the network. A bad load of the OS on a computer or phone is easy to repair. Reload it! If I were in your shoes...I have some picky feet too....I would have faith in wiping the phone and reloading a new install without making any mistakes. Then and only then would I send in if problems appear. I got mine in August and its been the cherry pie of the Gods.
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    02-24-15 06:41 PM
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    You may be the only US Z30 user who has had a 10.3 OTA update...did you try installing a leak?

    Posted via CB10
    02-24-15 08:28 PM
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    So far, so good. Once the update was installed, i popped my SIM in, customized a few things, downloaded a few apps, and I've been off to the races ever since. It's as great (or better) as it was before it sh@t the bed on me a few days ago. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way, because i LOVE this phone.

    You may be the only US Z30 user who has had a 10.3 OTA update...did you try installing a leak?
    No, not a leak...OTA update.
    02-25-15 12:58 PM

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