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    Just a quick question for those of you with experience on this. I've searched the threads and can't find much details on this. I just wanted to know which is probably the easiest and most hassle free way of sending phones to friends in the USA. Thanks in advance.

    ZeD30 on CB10
    12-17-13 11:37 AM
  2. TrueKulcha's Avatar
    Just use Canada Post. Make sure to ship with tracking. You will need to fill out a customs form. Note the value you specify may affect import tax.
    Of course, your friends could get a Z30 from Amazon, Negri or EBay.
    Both of them use T-MOBILE and we were thinking that the STA100-5 may be the most suitable option here. I looked on Amazon and only saw the Verizon version. Thanks very much for the information.. greatly appreciated

    ZeD30 on CB10
    12-17-13 12:25 PM

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