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    Well, had my 3rd drop today, and now my screen is busted and won't turn on. My first couple drops left a small crack, this time not so lucky. Going to look to get the screen replaced tomorrow but am worried something else may be wrong. The phone will not to turn on. Will a simple screen replacement be enough? Only thing I can get working is the assistant and am able to power off and the assistant counts it down. Anybody who has been through this would be great to hear from you.

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    05-29-16 11:28 PM
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    Here she is, bottom of the glass hit a stone path. Very sad.

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    05-29-16 11:33 PM
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    Check it out by using an HDMI lead and connect to a TV or monitor. If the device itself has survived, you will see the display.

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    05-30-16 04:32 AM
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    Just got it replaced, but noticing a few differences from my previous. The space between the bottom bezel and display ; where the BlackBerry logo is seems larger, and noticed a greenish hue when first opening emails. The Keyboard is also "greenish" when in the Crackberry app. See attached. Any other differences people have experienced with the replacement screens?
    Shattered my screen, won't turn on! What now?-img_20160530_125951.png

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    05-30-16 12:03 PM
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    I don't see any problem in the screen shot. There might be a problem in the actual display or it might not have been installed properly. I recommend that you take it to where you got it replaced to get it checked out.
    05-30-16 12:25 PM

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