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    I replied to a post on this topic on the Z10 part of the forum but wanted to post it here in the Z30 section as well to see if my fellow Z30 users are hitting this mysterious issue as are a bunch of Z10 users.

    So here's my post reply copied to our Z30 section:

    I'm using a Z30 running and am experiencing the non-landscaping screen issue as well, for the first time.

    I've tried seeing if the screen would rotate while writing an email, Web browsing, and with several other applications that normally rotation screen orientation when the phone is turned sideways. All now fail to do any orientation other than portrait.

    I can't pull the battery obviously but tried the hard shutdown (pressing & holding up and down volume buttons until it restarts): no change.

    I'm calling this in to Verizon for a replacement if we can't get to the bottom of this very shortly.

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    12-02-13 09:28 PM
  2. illlya's Avatar
    Same problem, just started today

    Posted via Z30
    12-02-13 09:32 PM
  3. PeterC4's Avatar
    Can you upgrade to 10..2.0.429? That is one of the newer official versions....no issues whatsoever. Mind you, I lock mine into portrait anyway.
    12-02-13 09:33 PM
  4. mad33man's Avatar
    Make sure the rotation lock is not on. Also try starting an app or game that requires landscape only and see what happens.

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    12-02-13 09:43 PM
  5. illlya's Avatar
    Make sure the rotation lock is not on. Also try starting an app or game that requires landscape only and see what happens.

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    This is a massive problem, go to the Z10 section and read the thread.

    Posted via Z30
    12-02-13 09:56 PM
  6. GR9930's Avatar
    Mine just stop rotating to landscape. Rotation is unlocked. Power off and on works hood till I try compass then a pop up show my device doesn't support. and after that nothing goes to landscape.

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    12-02-13 11:22 PM
  7. GR9930's Avatar
    Screen Rotation Suddenly Not Working-img_00001490.png

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    12-02-13 11:24 PM
  8. RafiqK's Avatar
    Same here. Infact all my sensors have stopped working.
    Screen Rotation Suddenly Not Working-img_00001324.png

    Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10 - OS
    12-02-13 11:26 PM
  9. Leviathan123's Avatar
    I got it fixed on my Z30, try my method I posted here :http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...le-fix-880312/
    12-03-13 03:01 AM
  10. scrapmetal58's Avatar
    Huh, weird. All my sensors stopped working today on my Z10, as well (I don't have a Z30). Standard restart didn't work. I tried the BlackBerry Virtual Expert app and it said that my phone didn't support the sensors. A hard reset (volume up and down) did work though.

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    12-03-13 03:36 AM
  11. MisterShark's Avatar
    Just read that the issue has been magically fixed somehow: you just need to restart at this point.

    I've restarted and ran all the BBVE tests: all good.
    Hopefully it sticks.

    I'd love to know what caused the mess and how it was fixed.

    Posted via CB10
    12-03-13 09:03 PM

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