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    I'm on VZW and my Z30 has been acting really weird lately. Typing it doesn't remember the words I always type (my name is Erik, not Eric, and it doesn't remember my company's name although I type it all the time. My Android Outlook app fails constantly even though it's updated quite frequently. Ring tones went weird, I have multiple contacts even though merge duplicates are assigned, and I keep getting "account verification" for two email accounts I can't figure out what to do (one is the Exchange through Outlook). The camera gets the blue screen of death every now and then. It also wants to open, close, and fight me when opening and closing apps. And so on... It really seems like the BB10 is degrading itself and I want to reload although I can't figure out where to do this. I could call VZW, but they're useless. Help!

    ~~Waiting for Priv or similar Android BB device to come out to VZW~~
    01-31-16 12:32 PM
  2. Rustybronco's Avatar
    I want to reload although I can't figure out where to do this. I could call VZW, but they're useless. Help!
    The stickies in this section should help you to find out how to (re)install your chosen OS.
    BB10 Leaked/Beta OS - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com
    Be sure to back up your installation before you do anything!

    Might I recommend on your VZW Z30? That's what I use.

    One more thing. Your camera issue could be a hardware fault and nothing to do with the OS. Keep that in mind.
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    01-31-16 12:41 PM
  3. fahmed's Avatar
    I think Rustybronco already addressed your issue. I just wanted to express that I've noticed similar degradation on the same Verizon configuration. It's happened before (whether Blackberry or Android) but security wipe and reinstall has always recovered normalcy for me (until it happens again) lol
    Good luck
    01-31-16 01:00 PM

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