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    04-21-14 07:01 AM
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    Very nice read.

    Posted via CB10
    04-21-14 07:39 AM
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    Full disclosure: The BlackBerry Z30 was provided to the author as a member of BlackBerry Elite, a group of BlackBerry users who provide user feedback to BlackBerry and assist with evangelizing the merits of this unique multi-tasking smartphone platform (but we don’t have any advance information on upcoming OS developments). There are no affiliate links in this post, nor has there been any monetary compensation provided for publishing this post. The opinions expressed are solely those of the author who does have a very small holding of BlackBerry shares and decades of business experience with multi-tasking environments. His main interest is in supporting a Canadian technology pioneer while at the same time getting maximum benefit from his smartphone.
    My first question was WHO is Jim Courtney.... His review is interesting, but I think he might be just a little bias.
    04-21-14 07:45 AM

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