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    Hello all, I'm a BlackBerry oldie, but a CrackBerry newbie. With that said , I have a question. I just read something, will cut and paste link for reference, saying something about the Z30 having some kind of new antenna technology, giving it better reception in areas with weak signal. Is this something exclusive to the Z30, or is it an enhancement of the 10.2 OS ? I'm still rocking a curve I've had for 5-6 years, and want to upgrade (despite the turn of events). My dilemma is that to get a BB 10 device I have to switch carriers, which I don't really want to do. Anyway, if someone could answer my question, I'd appreciate it. Following is the link.
    Video: BlackBerry Z30 'has missed the touchscreen boat' - Telegraph.
    09-28-13 05:00 PM
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    It's exclusive to the Z30 at this point.
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    09-28-13 05:03 PM
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    It's a physical part of the hardware so only on the Z30 and any new devices in the future. What would be nice, is if this antenna proves to be valuable and then they start selling to all mobile devices.
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    09-28-13 05:17 PM
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    when is the US release for the Z30 ?
    09-28-13 05:22 PM
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    Hasn't been announced so no one knows... it's all speculation at this point.

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    09-28-13 05:31 PM
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    Hello, I just got a Z30, it is the most amazing device!!! You just have to try it!!!!

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    09-28-13 05:36 PM
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    Really want a BB10 device, the Z30 would be my dream phone. But on US Cellular and they have not picked up the BB 10 line of devices. Would have to switch to Verizon to get one, and the nearest licensed Verizon dealer is 30 miles away. One of the disadvantages of rural living.
    09-28-13 05:37 PM