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    Like many of you I found the up,down and mute button to be overly sensitive and not have a proper click. After reading another thread on the forums last night and testing myself it that friction between the buttons and my back cover was not allowing the buttons (particularly mute) to pop back out. This is why there is so much complaining about the mushy feel and over sensitivity of these buttons because they are getting stuck in the 3/4 pushed down position already. The solution to my problem at least was to put the case on so there was about a 1mm gap between the button and the back plate and voila the button feel was significantly better although still not as nice as the Z10. A more permanent solution would be to slightly file down the edge of the back cover so it is not flush against the buttons.

    Credit to Danzr1 for this idea but I think it needed its own thread.
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    12-07-13 01:06 PM
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    Hope this helps some users
    12-07-13 04:04 PM
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    Thanks, this helped. Darn button!!!

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