1. chris downey's Avatar
    Hi, I'm having issues transferring all my data through Link between my Z10 and new Z30, because the software on the two phones is different. I have on the Z10 and on the Z30. When I do a software update on the Z30, it says it is up to date. Anyone know when the updated software is going to be available for the Z30? I live in the UAE and my service provider is Etisalat (who don't know the answer). Thanks!
    10-29-13 05:50 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    How are you transferring the data? If you backup the Z10 and use device switch, it does not work?
    I went from a 9930 to a Z10 that way.
    Also, I don't believe anyone knows when an update will be available to the Z30. Didn't the phone just come out?
    10-29-13 06:43 AM

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