1. ifathy's Avatar

    Is there anyway to get Porsche Design clock for Z30 same like Z10?
    12-24-13 02:52 AM
  2. xtremez's Avatar
    Don't think that's possible, it is only for Z10 if i'm not mistaken. Because the P'9982 is the similar to the Z10
    12-24-13 03:24 AM
  3. masterscarhead1's Avatar
    There is not.
    The bar file is no different between devices. You can toggle it too as far as I know, though I don't have a Z30 to try
    Regardless, the problem is that the Porsche Design clock was written for the dimension of the P'9982 aka Porsche Z10
    Hence, it is only available for Z10, and not for the Z30 or the Q10 nor Q5
    12-24-13 03:24 AM
  4. ifathy's Avatar
    Ok, thanks
    12-24-13 03:25 AM

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