1. Ashraf Altayeb's Avatar
    Posted via CB10
    02-06-15 08:14 PM
  2. Ashraf Altayeb's Avatar
    I mean android ports

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-15 08:15 PM
  3. filanto's Avatar
    What operating system do you have. Angry birds transformers works fine on my z10 and I have had 2072 leak

    I am what I am, and that's all that I am.
    02-06-15 09:11 PM
  4. Carmels's Avatar
    I'm playing a lot of Spider-Man Unlimited.

    Look! It's Zedzilla 30!
    02-06-15 10:19 PM
  5. cathulu15's Avatar
    Hmm.... Flixster. Use that a lot. Spotify use occasionally. Google maps use occasionally. Otherwise all native apps or bad android ports from BlackBerry App World ( Skype looking at you)

    Posted via CB10
    02-07-15 03:27 AM
  6. SourceCode's Avatar
    I play a lot of games through RetroArch. And I really like Uno, but that's me being boring.
    02-07-15 09:23 PM
  7. MTBBguy's Avatar
    Clash of Clans
    02-07-15 09:33 PM
  8. EchoesFX's Avatar
    All of the Five Nights at Freddy's games work great in Z30STA100-3/

    Vice City is another good choice (too bad BlackBerry screwed up MOGA support in .2072)

    Posted via CB10
    03-12-15 05:00 PM
  9. anon(8982767)'s Avatar
    U should try devils attorney on blackberry a awesome game and a awesome app would be flixter
    03-12-15 06:15 PM
  10. prez87's Avatar
    Here's a though... If you can't think of something then that means that nothing is missing...
    03-13-15 12:15 AM

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