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    The Z30 is back for some more beat down action in another round of smartphone madness!! The Z30 has destroyed the nexus 5 and the moto x and now its onto fight the almighty Yotaphone. Who will win? Well we can be the ones to make that decision by voting for the Z30!!!!!

    Smartphone Madness 2014: BlackBerry Z30 vs. Moto X
    New round will be added soon. This link is just too the last Z30 round vs moto x.

    Smartphone Madness 2014 - Content Tagged as Smartphone Madness 2014
    This link will take you to the "main" smartphone madness page.

    Z30 ftw!!

    Posted via R115-Aramis.


    Everybody vote!!! Updated link to the voting page.
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    04-02-14 10:44 PM
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    Bring it on

    Rockin Z30 on on AT&T
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    04-02-14 10:49 PM

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