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    My Z30 received the O/S upgrade to earlier today. After the upgrade, when sending or deleting emails, I was getting this message:

    Provider Identity Not Verifiable.
    This email provider may not be trustworthy. Personal information may not be protected.

    When I click on the Details, 'Entrust Root Certification' is highlighted in blue.I click on it and get the following:
    Subject Common Name Entrust Root Certification - G2.
    Subject Organization Entrust, Inc.
    Subject String US
    And a lot more blah blah.

    My Internet provider advised me to delete and re-create my email accounts. I get as far as the 'Edit Account' screen and I put my name in the 'Your Name' field. When I click Done, it says 'Saving and verifying your email settings'. After that, I get the same message I was getting prior to deleting the accounts from my BlackBerry. I am no longer able to add any of my email addresses to my BlackBerry.

    Can anyone help me re-load my email?


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    02-02-17 04:18 PM
  2. raylansympaticoca's Avatar
    I called my service provider again and the problem is resolved. If my post can be deleted, please delete it. I can't find any option to do that.
    02-02-17 06:16 PM

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