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    Hi all,

    Still absolutely loving the Z30. However... I need some BB expect input on what to expect, when and for how long on notificatons.. I also have two other questiosn that I hope someone may be able to answer.

    1. How long does the red led flash for before swiching off?
    2. Over the last two days of ownership. I've had some messages that don't seem to flash the LED or ping the speaker. When swipe up the screen, there is a symbol that looks like a bed sign in the middle (top) of the screen. I take it that the phone has gone into sleep mode? I can't find anywhere that I can turn this function off.. can i?

    Case question:
    I've just purchased the Z30 flip case, this is the one that you have to remove your back panel and then attach the phone ot the case. I'm loving the case.. I like the fact the screen goes to sleep when I close it. I've had a few phone calls and I'm happy I can close the case to take the call. My question is, When I open the case, there is now no lock screen. Is this normal? I'm assuming it is as BB have tried to limit the number of steps in order for you to access the phone. Just wanted to ensure It was correct.

    Headphone / Speaker volume: - UPDATE. It seems the volume up and down had locked out. I've done a quick hard reset and they are back working again now..
    Watch a movie last night whilst away from home. The phone was on silent (I wished these profiles could be programed as per the old BB's where you could activate different profiles automatically). when I plugged in my headphones (not oem ones) I could find any way to adjust the volume using either the butons on the side or touching the screen etc. Again, is this correct? or have i missed a seting somewhere?

    As always, thanks waiting for any help.....
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    The red LED does seem to time out after a while. I can't comment on how long this lasts for though.

    That icon at the top of the lock screen is your bedside mode. Allow me to demonstrate:

    1. The icon appears

    Notifications - How, when for how long? Plus Lock screen, case question-img_20133209.png
    2. Drag the icon down all the way

    Notifications - How, when for how long? Plus Lock screen, case question-img_20133210.png

    3. Welcome to bedside mode!

    Notifications - How, when for how long? Plus Lock screen, case question-img_20133211.png

    I use this mode to hide from my boss's phone calls

    Posted via CB10

    Posted via CB10
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    OK.. i never knew I had the bedside mode feature. lol.. Love the look of the clock.
    10-18-13 06:31 AM
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    Can anyone confirm the question about the lockscreen not present with the flip case attached?

    Posted with my Z30
    10-18-13 06:00 PM

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