1. Sager-Naji's Avatar

    I just got note 3 last week, the device Is good but I miss BB 10 software ( not my old z10 or q10) .
    Should I return the note and wait for the Z30.
    Or just wait for the next one?
    I am with Tmobile and I didn't see any news about them carrying the device.

    Any suggestions?


    Posted via CB10
    10-15-13 12:40 PM
  2. steiale's Avatar
    I have both but to my needs the Z30 is better. Note 3 just my instagram and other app phone.
    My main phone for mail and daily work horse is the BlackBerry. Samsung is no where near of being as fast and productive as the Z.

    Posted via CB10
    10-15-13 12:52 PM
  3. redribbon's Avatar
    as much as i think android is a crappy os, i have to say just go with note 3. dont waste your money(&time) on beta OS where they make you as a tester. dont ask the fanboy here, they just keep you drown in their endless and pointless argument. im a blackberry user and still until now and i use iphone 5 as my main phone. still using bb coz i have to(z10 & monaco), many people here in my country (esp. the employee) cant afford iphone or top class android, also the service data plan is quite expensive while blackberry has their low end device and also cheap data plan where they can afford. so to keep connected with them i have to use bbm(yes i agree bbm is the best social chat media in the world) ...ONLY the bbm not the phone, not the OS. that's why im happy when blackberry decided to launch BBM cross platform.

    ps. this is pure just my own opinion(based on my experience as BB user since 2007- 8320 is my first BB), OP can decide it by him/herself.
    10-15-13 12:52 PM
  4. fanisk's Avatar
    I had used the note 2 for couple of weeks and I found it too big to handle as well as to store in the pocket. More I prefer the BlackBerry OS, it's easier to use and since I do a lot of messaging I was missing the hub and the keyboard of my Z10, so I went back to Z10 and since a week I have the Z30, it's a very nicely built devise and easy to hold and write with one hand!
    10-15-13 01:06 PM

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