1. gallopiton's Avatar
    Hello dear crackberrians... I have a question regarding android apps with the latest leak... I realize that if I am only with network connection (no wifi) some of my android apps don't work... immediately I get a message saying that I don't have Internet... I tried using the browser and no problem accessing any page... actually I am writing this in the browser... the two apps that I know this is happening are: vinino (wine tag scanner) and amazon site (to scan a bar code)... however, Wells Fargo app worked, even when was slow to log in and out... any one having this issue? any suggestions? Thanks!
    12-28-13 02:10 PM
  2. pgg101's Avatar
    Haven't experienced that so far....

    Posted via CB10 on Z30STA100-5/
    12-28-13 02:15 PM
  3. phinsphan's Avatar
    I have the same thing. I know thjs is the Z30 forum but I have it on my Z10. Frank and Oak (online clothing store) app from Google Play. Says no internet connection when trying to log into the site. It can access the sitr just fine, but when I attempt to sign in it won't accept.

    Posted via CB10
    12-30-13 01:28 AM
  4. brodic's Avatar
    I have the same problem on Z10-STL1.
    12-30-13 01:51 PM
  5. gallopiton's Avatar
    hello everyone... just to report my experience and what i did to try to solve this problem... since didn't have any other idea, i loaded the leaked os again but i downloaded from a difference source ( i am using the .1925 as i said, i downloaded using the mega link the first time, but then now i used bitcasa just to rule out a corrupted os)... before loading it up, did a wipe, and then after, i wiped it again... i didn't set up my wifi (i was at home) and only left the network connection... i hard restarted the phone three times after setting it up the os... and something different i did this time, i didn't restore with link, i use contact x to restore contacts, and the rest from scratch... that was on saturday... that day i downloaded vivino from bbworld, the wine scanner app, and i saw it was working with network... didn't sideload snap, so no android apps neither... i realize that now the battery is lasting more... i was getting out of it 8-10 hours with heave use, as we speak today it is at 43% remaining, after using it quite a lot today from 7am ( it is 10.45pm eastern time)... today at noon, i sideloaded the camera, the password keeper and snap... i haven't downloaded any android apps yet but i see an improvement with the battery... i will download the apps maybe on jan 1st to give two more days to the os to settle down with the sideloaded bars... i will report back... happy new year!
    12-30-13 10:55 PM

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