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    Back to my Z30 and really appreciating its design even more now.
    Daily driver is my PPSE so this is just for watching videos for now (thanks BBTube!), in the landscape mode that chin makes a perfect grip area to hold the phone while watching. And that grippy back with rounded edges makes it easy to hold.
    And that battery life too...seems to go on and on compared to other phones I used for the same purpose. (Lumia's, Xperia, iPhone). Plus that keyboard is always great, still unsurpassed.

    But it's really that chin that is most noticeable. It would be so awkward with the newer bezeless devices. 2 hands? Daintily holding it by the edges? Or fat case?

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    12-13-20 11:39 AM
  2. bh7171's Avatar
    Z30 was a phenomenal all touch BlackBerry. I completely agree about bezels and never really had issue. I don't watch much in landscape on my mobile phones but I would never own a tablet without them.
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    12-13-20 04:56 PM

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