11-05-13 06:43 AM
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  1. Sequester#WN's Avatar
    Good to know.
    How much N5 in Germany?
    I wonder where the price difference goes.
    16 GB is 400 Euro, the 32 GB version is 450 Euro if bought from Google webpage. The phone is 40 Euro more expensive if bought from a retail outlet.
    11-04-13 04:22 PM
  2. lfuentesimon's Avatar
    In Spain, price difference must be taken into account:

    - Nexus 5 is 349 € (16 GB) or 399 € (32 GB) from Google Play Store
    - Z30 is only available from one operator, from 360 €to 480 € on-contract. Expansys is selling it off-contract at 580 €, by now we have not many options...

    It's really a hard pill to swallow, indeed.
    11-05-13 03:06 AM
  3. scooby103's Avatar
    but,the LG G2 has one of the best looking interfaces I have ever seen on a phone.
    That's a matter of preference. I find it over done. The point of Android is self customization, one of the main drivers for a Nexus device is that it is stock android.

    Posted via CB10
    11-05-13 06:43 AM
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