04-13-14 07:32 PM
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  1. Georgefly97's Avatar
    True move H has 3g umts service on

    GSM 1800, UMTS 850

    That's compatible right ? At this point all I can think of is defective sim or carrier problem.

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    The gsm is on the wrong frequency. That's what the phone needs for data, where as the umts is the texting and calling service. That's the issue I'd guess.

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    02-02-14 09:06 AM
  2. Krishna Ram's Avatar
    Ahha. Thanks. That explains it. I knew LTE didn't work everywhere but didn't even think I of checking 3g or gsm. Guess I'm stuck. :/

    Even my old bold 9900 worked fine with 3g same carrier.

    How about the states or when I travel ? What exactly am I looking for in bands ? I check for 3g or lte and make sure it's on the gsm band supported by the phone not umts?

    Prepaid t mobile in the states is no problem but not att right ?

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    02-02-14 03:49 PM
  3. orgullodemexico's Avatar
    I tried this procedure with my Z30. I got to VZW over Tethering/MHS Entitlement and cannot turn to off - its grayed out.

    I give up. I will give VZW the $30 they don';t deserve because I already have unlimited data.
    04-13-14 07:32 PM
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