1. rockinbb's Avatar
    Hi everyone. I just purchased a z30 sta100-5 from ebay. I have a question regarding the OS. This particular model came preloaded with 10.3.1 bundle 2558 but I thought the z30 was preloaded with 10.2. It was sold as brand new and does look new. Just wondering were there some batches manufactured by blackberry that were preloaded with 10.3 and is something I don't have to worry about? Ps I just looked at the side of the box it came in and it does say os 10.3.1 bundle 2558. Also there is a set of numbers 110515 above the made in mexico stamp. Wondering if that is the manufacturing date and if it's possible blackberry had some new batches made during 2015 when I thought they were no longer in production. Thanks
    03-12-16 11:23 AM
  2. Uzi's Avatar
    Yes they flash it with 10.3.1 and then put it in the box ,nothing to worry
    rockinbb likes this.
    03-12-16 11:25 AM

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