1. Greg Kervin's Avatar
    So this is how it happened: I have a BB Z30 and it is working great. I also have a Samsung tablet S. I installed BBM on my tablet and logged in with my BBID. Now I knew ahead of time that I would be signed out of my BBID on my Z30 but what I didn't know was that I could no longer sign back in on my Z30 with my BBID because of incompatibility issues that I found out latter. So I researched and found out I now have to create a new BBID for my Z30 from the BB support page. I followed the directions where they stated that you must first turn off BB Protect on your phone then remove the device from the BB Protect website. I did this, then they state the only way to change your BBID on your phone is to perform a security swipe. Before doing my security swipe I deleted my old BBID and created a new one because you can only have one with the same email account. So now I proceed with the security swipe and after the swipe was done it asked for my BBID because the BB Protect was enabled!!!! WTF!!! I turned it off and removed it via the web site. Now my phone is locked out completely. Is there any way to recover my phone?
    01-03-18 01:55 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    The BlackBerry Protect sign out process on the device did not fully complete.

    No way to resolve the issue.

    Send to BlackBerry for repair.
    01-03-18 02:02 PM
  3. Greg Kervin's Avatar
    That's what I was afraid of. thanks for the help.
    01-03-18 04:46 PM

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