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    I have written allot of post about my experiences with BlackBerry and OS10 on these forums. Some good and some not so good, but I always speak from my gut which has allowed me to be self employed for the last 20 years, so I not changing anytime soon.

    In the past month, I have purchased 6 z30's and ended up selling 5 of them to clients I have showed the device to and they liked it so much, they just had to have it.

    I got my 6th z30 yesterday and this one is not for sale, I come to realize that I really do love the BlackBerry z30 and OS10, I really do. I just recently did a review on a Galaxy Note 3 for a client and after 5 days with the device, I realized how much I missed OS10 and most of all my z30.

    While the Note 3 had a great screen and some neat features, it was too big to use as my daily driver and the device felt very cheap to me for what it cost. The first thing I noticed was, I missed the Hub, I also found myself wanting to swipe up every time I tried to close an app.

    Folks who have used OS10 for any length of time know how intuitive the OS is. This is why I believe to effectively market OS10 you have to use the "hands on " marketing approach to sell the device.

    As I said, I have sold 5 of the 6 z30's I bought because I took the time to properly demonstrate the device and answered their questions in a professional manner.

    I don't want to hear that OS10 devices don't sell. You have to use a different marketing approach here!!! Forget how we done it in the past, the past is why we are in the current state of affairs!!! We have to think outside the box here.

    Coming from being a long time Apple IOS user and I still use Mac's in my business, I love the fact when I show my new z30 to folks, they pick it up, play with it and with a stunned look on their face say, I thought BlackBerry was out of business!!!

    I smile and now feel the same way I did when I was the only one in my circle who had an iPhone when they first came out. I now have a cool phone again and I am glad to be back in the BlackBerry World.

    It should be a fun ride in the coming year and so far based on my experience with the z30, it's been a smooth one so far.

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    03-29-14 03:41 AM
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    One idea that I can draw from your post is that you can your clients must have exercised sufficient intelligence to actually try something out rather than outright bashing BlackBerry out of blind fanboy/fangirlism over existing products... which is very good. It's amazing people's IQ drop to 0 when in face with an electronic device.

    I wish all sales reps ever share your intelligence and patience when selling things.
    03-29-14 04:25 AM
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    03-29-14 06:28 AM
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    Great stuff!!

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    03-30-14 06:50 AM
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    Agreed, excellent device. Some people can be really open minded and when they see the power of the device the look on their face, lol.

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    04-03-14 10:05 AM
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    Excuse me Bakron1 which model Z30 are you running T- Mobile US network on, is it STL 100-1 or STL 100-5, I'm on T- Mobile US with my Z10, and obviously they won't be offering the Z30, so I wanted to make sure I purchase the right model Z30, appreciate the info

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    04-03-14 11:51 AM

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