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    I know this topic has been discussed so many times and it is a waste of forum space to start a new thread for this, but as a hard core BlackBerry fan I have to do this to balance out the negativity towards BlackBerry in this universe and CB seems to the perfect place to do it, so please bare with me for a second here.

    My impression about this phone is: it is a FANTASTIC phone!

    I have a Z10 as my daily driver and I absolutely love it. But when I hold the Z30 in my hand, even with the cradle and wires connected to the phone as usually the case in a carrier store, it is clear that this is a superior phone.

    No it is not too big even for my unimpressively small man hands who punch keyboards way more often than handing hardware tools. It is not heavy even though I read the weight was "noticeable". The screen was not too dim even when it was put side by side with my Z10... granted the brightness was cleverly set to maximum either by the store or by some BlackBerry fan who checked out the phone before me... and my Z10's brightness was set to around 60 which is comfortable for my eye but who sets their Z10 brightness to 100 for daily use? ... and yes I left it at maximum when I left.

    I can't notice any pixalation neither in regular use scenarios... who zooms their screen to maximum when reading a Web page anyway?

    The UI was very, very responsive, fine and smooth, an exquisite feel. I did not feel any lags at all when I was playing with the phone. Pushing the same amount of pixels as Z10 with a graphic engine one generation ahead, this does not come as a surprise.

    Yes specs matters for BlackBerry as a marketing tool, also matters in the case of Z30 vs Z10. The larger screen, better graphic engine, faster processor clock rate, longer battery life, all combine into a superior user experience. I have no problem recommending this to any Z10 owner who is looking for an upgrade, and can't wait for the upcoming Z50 device.

    I have been liking what the SW team was doing for a while now (10.2.1), and with Z30, I got to say I begin to like what their HW team is doing too. I think BlackBerry is heading toward the right direction in product design department. A few years from now we may look at Z10 as the turning point and Z30 as the small step back up toward the long climbing path to back to top. Contrary to most tech blogger's review, the customer reviews on carrier sites, amazon, and social media seems to be largely positive, I wonder whether we are seeing the early signs of a big comeback story.

    Highly recommended!
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    11-17-13 03:43 PM
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    I just gave the Z30 a test drive at my local Verizon store today. Fantastic drive, fantastic phone and I hated to hit the road with out it. As I looked in my rear view mirror, I smiled and said to myself, I will be back for you soon even though it will cost me dearly. This baby is worth every penny.

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    11-17-13 04:30 PM
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    Just left a Verizon store. The Z30 is awesome. Very impressed with the entire thing. Had no issue with the clarity or brightness of the screen. It was plenty bright (at 50%). The balance and feel of the phone is amazing. I guess my biggest concern is that I have to use a holster and I'm wondering how that will work when I'm sitting due to the larger size.

    Bottom like: this phone is very special!!

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    11-17-13 04:46 PM
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    Will also say that the Z30 is an amazing solid device even though I have had mine for about 3 weeks but only put this baby to use last Saturday it took that long to find the protection I was looking for oversized leather holster screen protector and rubberized case and I was still finding it hard to but my Z10 down but now that I have been getting use to this baby its a keeper for sure..

    My extra extraordinary Z30
    11-17-13 04:46 PM

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