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    Is there an app he can transfer files like contact list, emails, music from his iPhone to his new z30 if he gets one?

    He also asked about icloud. What would he use to match up icloud?

    I told him if he got a z30 he might not need his iPad lol

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    07-12-14 11:59 AM
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    I don't know if there's an app for all of that, but he could use his laptop / desktop to do it all, using Outlook, iTunes, etc. with BlackBerry Link.
    A third party cloud service like Gmail or Microsoft will bring his contacts over automatically if he chooses to sync them.
    PlayCloud 10, an app on BlackBerry World might sync with i Cloud - - you'd have to check.
    The Z30 has built in capabilities for syncing to his calendar and stuff already. Just make sure he unlinks his phone from iMessage and sends a couple texts from his iPhone before switching or he'll have texting issues; this occurs when switching away from the iPhone to any other series of device.

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    07-12-14 12:30 PM
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    Transferring content from non-BlackBerry devices


    Download the device switch app to both your old device and your new one, to transfer your Address Book contacts, calendar, and photos and videos on your device.
    1.Download Device Switch to your BlackBerry smartphone from BlackBerry® World™ storefront and follow the on-screen instructions
    2.Download to your iPhone by visiting Device Switch from your device.


    Get step-by-step instructions to manually transfer your files, media, calendar and contacts (PDF)

    I'd suggest your friend switch from iCloud to Outlook.com to get synced email, contacts, calendar, notes, and cloud storage. It all integrates tightly with BlackBerry 10.
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    07-12-14 12:54 PM
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    He should use an app called "Device Switch" to transfer everything (as mentioned). Alternatively, if calendar, contacts, etc. are part of a mail service like Hotmail, Gmail, etc., they will sync to the Z30 when the accounts are added.

    When I switch devices I never have to transfer data. My media (music, photos, videos, etc.) is all stored on a microSD card, do I simply pop it into the new device. My calendar, email, contacts, notes, tasks, etc. are all synchronized either with my work account using active sync or through mail provider. Your friend will find it liberating to not have to switch locally stored data on the phone.

    BlackBerry Link can be set up to synchronize with either iTunes or Windows Media Player. Either all or select files, play lists, etc can be used.

    BlackBerry nicely integrates with Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, and other cloud storage services, so he won't be dependent on icloud.

    Good luck!

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    07-12-14 01:13 PM
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    He uses everything apple. He owns almost every apple product. He likes my z30 and lots of the features his does not have.

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    07-12-14 02:18 PM
  6. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    iCloud is reserved for Apple devices. I don't think developers are allowed to integrate it with other platforms.

    07-12-14 02:23 PM
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    I have my iCloud contacts and calender synced to my Z10, put my iTunes music on via BlackBerry Link. As far as I know the only thing you're not going to be able to bring over is apps and iMessage.

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    07-12-14 02:45 PM

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