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    The following article is a guest contribution from Lauren Kortbein.

    You can connect her @LaurenKortbein

    As a college student, Iím constantly surrounded by technology. Everyone has a laptop, tablet, eReader, iPod, or something else to help keep them entertained and connected throughout their days. Everyone loves their devices, and you rarely see a college student without a phone in their hand. So why have I stuck with BlackBerry, while my friends have gone the way of the iPhone or Android? Because from the first ding of the alarm in the morning to the last swipe to enable bedside mode at night, my BlackBerry Z30 helps me get through my day. Itís a production tool, rather than just something that lets me communicate with others.


    When Iím at school, I use my BlackBerry Z30 as a production tool. In Remember, I have a running list of assignments, along with the dates theyíre due, to make sure I donít forget anything. Docs To Go helps me complete these assignments when Iím away from my laptop. I can easily edit an Excel spreadsheet, create a new Word document, or perfect a presentation. I would love to say that this is great because Iím constantly on the go, but most of the time itís great because Iím too lazy to go find my laptop. Plus, my Z30 is always in my pocket & is easy to carry around.

    The majority of my time is spent at home, and thatís when I get to play with my Z30 the most! As self-proclaimed Twitter queen (shameless self-promotion: Follow me! @LaurenKortbein), Iím always on Twitter. The Twitter client Ė Blaq experience on a Z30 is absolutely amazing, so naturally thatís my client of choice, but I also use T4BB to see how many retweets/favorites Iíve gotten. I love all social media though, and thankfully my Z30 helps me to keep track of everything thatís going on. I use the WordPress app to jot down any blog ideas I have while Iím out and about. I downloaded Tumblr to have an easy way to save pictures to my phone to use as wallpaper. And since Iím always trying new beers, I keep track of them with Untappd.

    I also love listening to music, and the speakers on the Z30 are the best phone speakers Iíve ever heard! I compare the speakers on the Z30 to surround sound, because as soon as you turn your music on, the room youíre in is filled with sound.


    I have quite a few movies downloaded to my Z30. Watching a 2 hour movie on a 5 inch screen, you say? Shenanigans! But not when you have HDMI capability! All I have to do is plug my phone into my TV and away I go, watching the latest and greatest movies and TV shows.

    Of course everyone needs a break from work or school, so this is where the gaming part of the Z30 comes in! With a 5 inch screen, the Z30 is perfect for gaming. Currently, Iím addicted to Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled 2, and Jetpack Joyride.

    The most commonly discussed thing about the Z30 is its insane battery life, and there is a reason behind that! The battery truly is a workhorse. Lauren_3I can easily get a day out of it, and when my iPhone friends are plugging their phones in, Iím still at 62%. When I do have to charge my phone, I have the option of plugging it in, or using a wireless charger. Wireless charging is exclusive to the Verizon model, and I have to be honest, thatís a great benefit of having Big Red! Iím amazed by this technology, and it really is more convenient to just place your phone on a charging pad (and mine is, of course, pink).

    One of the best parts of owning a BlackBerry is being able to talk it up when other people ask about it. The sleek design of the Z30 draws people in and I often get a lot of people asking what kind of phone it is. I quickly tell them itís the latest and greatest BlackBerry, to which most people shake their heads. Most people are under the impression that BlackBerry is dying, dead, or no longer making phones. I then love showing off the BlackBerry 10 operating system, and how different it is from the old BBOS they know. The gestures are intuitive, and I love proving that a home button just gets in the way. Itís often a struggle getting my Z30 back after showing off all the great features it has!

    The only thing that Iím not 100% happy with is the front facing fixed auto focus 2 megapixel camera. I take a lot of selfies (ÖI know) and every time they look fine on the screen, but then turn out very blurry or pixelated. Iíve tried downloading different camera files, but until they manage to fix this, Iíll just have to deal with using the rear facing camera.

    Iíve owned many different kinds of BlackBerrys over the years, and the Z30 is the best one Iíve owned. With the battery lasting for days, incredible speaker quality, and beautiful screen, I wouldnít trade this phone for anything! (Unless youíre offering me an Audi R8Ö)

    LINK:Prosumer Speaks: Why I Love My BlackBerry Z30 : BBin – India 's Best BlackBerry Community

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    04-11-14 12:10 AM
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    I love my Z10 for many of the same reasons :-D (minus the battery life)

    Via my awesome Zed-10
    04-11-14 05:13 AM
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    Great post. Glad you love your Z30. My wife likes her. I love my Q10, but enjoy using my wife's Z30.

    Posted via CB10
    04-11-14 08:39 AM
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    It's not me that wrote article check bbin link
    04-11-14 08:43 AM

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