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    So if we don't like the OPs facts or opinions of BlackBerry we just close his thread?! I think he has made some very valid points regarding Chen and his BlackBerry vision. Here in the US, no one respects BlackBerry anymore...hardware or software.

    Even the company I work for(far behind the technology curve) just made the switch from BlackBerry to Apple. That's got to prove something in itself. IT Departments don't want the hassle of having to side load another App Loader onto the device just to have access to apps on another platform. How many times have you downloaded an app via Snap only to find out the hard way that it will not work correctly on BB10? This is why the OP keeps stressing the word NATIVE! Corporations need apps to work flawlessly when they chose to use them. They don't have time to be side loading.

    Maybe we can get some more childish stickers for BBM since that's about all its good for these days. I was just hoping for a good Facetime alternative to use between platforms instead.

    The Moderator really killed his credibility and showed he is a real BlackBerry fanboy with an avatar like..."Zedzilla Z30!" Whew Hew...

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    First off, Zedzilla 30 is my seg and not the mods who closed off the thread. If it was the mods seg, I'd say that was one classy mod!

    Second, the mods closed the thread because the discussions ensuing were not constructive in anyway. I'm even at fault there for calling out the OP for trolling. I maintain my position regardless.

    Third, the original OP of this thread has a consumer mind set and no shred of evidence or fact provided about BlackBerry's strategic planning will sway that type of thinking. As multiple CB members have already mentioned, BlackBerry is not a consumer focused company anymore and their focus is on enterprise MDM solutioning. They might rethink the consumer market later on once some stability and profitability are obtained, but for now it's sticking to revenue generating aspects. As much as we all love BlackBerry, they're just like every other company in the world and can't always cater to all individuals needs.

    Look! It's Zedzilla 30!
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    Is that why most of the app developers are giving away their stuff for free these days?! Cause they know the truth...if they can't sell it to consumers, might as well give it away. I really think we need some more BBM stickers though...obviously there's not enough already there. Kung Fu panda stickers for everyone!!!!

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