12-12-13 01:00 AM
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  1. PauloPImenta's Avatar
    This is the kind of phone you have to try to fall in love. BlackBerry needs to ad properly because if you try it's almost impossible to dislike it. Although ad by word of mouth is very important it doesn't suffices and BlackBerry needs to launch a proper campaign as sooner as possible.

    Two weeks ago I was showing my Z30 to our firm IT guys. Needless to say the just like their super hyper iphones as if it was the last coke on desert. Such a bunch of idiots! They were saying BlackBerry was dead thar you need a BIS plan and so on. It is incredeble how people is so misinformed and that's because BlackBerry has not ad properly.

    Proud user of Z30 and Q10
    12-09-13 10:43 AM
  2. EauRouge's Avatar
    I too went from a z10 to a 30, and I love it. Side by side I find the z10 colours on the screen to look washed out now. Plus, the feel of this phone is superb. It just feels more grown up than the Z10

    Posted via CB10
    12-09-13 11:56 AM
  3. sirchocolate's Avatar
    i agree with u totally. bberry needs some creative ads to let more people know it and love it again!
    12-10-13 09:42 PM
  4. byex's Avatar
    Article was interesting up until the point of "The phone?s OS even though has a decently impressive upgrade, is decades behind the Android and iOS devices.". Decades? I didn't know the z30 was considered a pager, being decades behind the competition.
    Built in battery is a shortfall according to article, but it isn't a shortfall on an ios device? And as much as I hate link I would rather use that than iTunes. Mass storage mode is great and also access over wifi. Can't forget remote access, makes link bearable even though may be unbearable setting it up.
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    12-12-13 01:00 AM
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