04-05-13 09:08 AM
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    I'm still on the phone with the CSR who's going through everything she can find. She's reviewing everything about BlackBerry she can find over the past 6 months. The only information she has is the sprint.com/blackberry10 page and a statement saying that the Q10 is coming out 'later this year' with nothing any more specific. She went on to say that if it were to be coming on April 26, they would have notes with regard to pre-orders which would be starting around 15 days before. I've spoken with tecnical support and sales.
    i guess it's all who ya talk to,,, you know how it is w/ those guys,,, ,,, i'll call again later if i get time,,, i bug 'em @ least a couple times a week...
    04-05-13 09:08 AM
26 12

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