1. Mikey Mc's Avatar
    Pretty straight forward. I love the Z30. But am curious to try a Q10. Thoughts?

    Posted via CB10
    06-11-14 06:56 PM
  2. Spawn12's Avatar
    Depends if u can live without a bigger screen and also whether or not u like a physical keyboard as opposed to a virtual one.

    I tried a Q10 but wasn't for me altho I like a physical keyboard but just couldn't give up the bigger screen for the smaller one on the q10.

    Don't get me wrong the q10 is a good phone but wasn't for me.

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    06-11-14 06:59 PM
  3. mooda's Avatar
    Screens too small. If you can get through a month with the z30 and it's virtual keyboard. You will not regret not having a Q.

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    06-11-14 07:36 PM
  4. TLD1's Avatar
    I had a chance to get a Q10...as a trade deal for my iPhone 5, but I realized that it would just be a replay of why I jumped back & forth from a BlackBerry 9900 & the iPhone a half dozen times and realized I was spoiled to the larger screen size & multimedia capabilities.

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    06-11-14 07:45 PM
  5. MGO's Avatar
    Have both (actually Q10's on both ATT and Verizon). Biggest problems with the Q10's :

    Double typing on the keyboard. Happens often.

    Small real estate

    Slower processing by slight lag opening hub and processing


    Perfect size for portability

    Wonderful keyboard

    Very good battery life.

    I have replaced Q10's in my business for me and two others. I think that the Z30 keyboard is actually better than the Q10. I only use my Z30. My Q10 is in a drawer.
    06-11-14 07:48 PM
  6. dougverli1's Avatar
    i wouldnt change my white q10 for any phone out there....

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    Attached Thumbnails Just got a Z30... Still curious about a Q10-img_20140228_093823_hdr.jpg  
    06-11-14 07:49 PM
  7. GLTruesdale's Avatar
    Just went from the Q10 to the Z30 this week. I can type just as fast if not faster and the screen real estate is beautiful.

    Q10 id a good phone however, it does slow up at times. I haven't experienced that with the Z30 yet. At all.

    Posted via CB10
    06-11-14 08:18 PM
  8. RIM99's Avatar
    Perfect question... I have been trying to decide between these two devices for a while (hope to upgrade from 9900 late summer early fall), now there is news of the "Classic" looks like I will have an even harder choice.
    06-11-14 08:26 PM
  9. Supa_Fly1's Avatar
    Just got the Z30 yesterday - today fully setup and using it.

    This thing is a beast! HUGE but fast dawn never thought BB10 could be so fast! BlackBerry every device going forward must have this kind of speed as a basis in aloha stage to be improved upon.

    Battery Life = insane almost a full 48hrs of business usage! Z10x5 could never last past 5hrs - kinda sad when an old Ericsson T-39 lasted 6hrs full continuous talk time. Sure it couldn't do half the things any smartphone could but then again only had a 300mAh battery (est).

    Since deploying Q10's today I'm actually salivating after one.

    Screen size for BB10 seems to have the best size for portability yet hone active screens seem cramped in that 4x4 grid. Maybe slightly smaller it would be so bad.

    It's possible this Windermere maybe the perfect balance hybrid between the Q10 build quality portability fit and finish, the larger more dense screen real estate that can match the Z30 in terms of pure web/media enjoyment while having the chiq of the Torch 9800/9810.

    We shall see. But if you really want to go for the Q10 try it out and make your choice.

    Posted via CB10
    06-11-14 10:10 PM
  10. Jae Hoon Hwang's Avatar
    I used Q10 for two weeks after having Z10...you have to love the physical keyboard to stay with it rather than Z10 or my current Z30.

    One thing I agree with people who loves Q10 is that is pretty useful the shortcut keys. You can really do a lot of things with just one hand.

    Anyway, in the Q10 forum you will get a tons of reasons to switch it or at least try it.

    My advice is if possible to try it, do it. Is better to know it by yourself if what everybody says is right or wrong

    Via BlackBerry again!
    06-11-14 10:21 PM
  11. tagumcity's Avatar
    I like using both devices, but the the q10 holds the "daily driver" position.
    06-11-14 10:28 PM
  12. anon(1852343)'s Avatar
    Everyone's needs are different. Suggest you try both for two Weeks and decide yourself. You will probably end up keeping both, just sayin

    Q10 with Telus on
    06-11-14 10:34 PM
  13. sin-co's Avatar
    My two cents, had the z10 through Tmo, when Tmo offered the Q10 upgrade went for it and returned within 2 weeks. Just wasn't the same anymore, BlackBerry finally made an all touch phone I could not live without...so I bought a white Z30 direct from shopblackberry.com and I could not be happier. The screen real estate is awesome, it's very responsive, and the battery is better than expected!
    Oh yeah, almost forgot, stick with the Z30
    06-11-14 10:39 PM
  14. q5fan's Avatar
    I have a Q5 and a Z30. I prefer the Q5 for work as it's hard to beat the efficiency (instant search from keyboard and shortcut keys) and accuracy of the keyboard. It's also very lightweight with super battery life. For the weekend and as an all-star device it's the Z30. Depends on your needs. I say get both.

    Posted via CB10
    06-11-14 11:52 PM
  15. evodevo69's Avatar
    I'd have to echo the sentiments here before me, get both loll. The q10 or Q5 are hard to beat as far as communication devices go if that's your maim use. As an overall phone for consumption and communication, the z30 wins.

    The z30 also has other features like USB otg and miracast that differentiates it from other bb10 devices that might be important depending on what you want to use it for.

    For purely work related use where email and massaging is most of what you use it for, I'd pick q10 everytime.

    Posted via CB10
    06-12-14 12:42 AM
  16. SmileDahling's Avatar
    I had a Z30 for a few months and then it died (my fault). I replaced it with a Q10 as my daily driver.

    I loved the Z30 but I'm perfectly happy with the Q10. I wouldn't go back now if I had the choice. :-)

    Posted via my beautiful Q10
    06-12-14 12:45 AM
  17. bakron1's Avatar
    I have a z30 and recently bought a used Q10 and I discovered that the physical keyboard is not for me anymore. At 58, I found my fingers couldn't get used to the small keys on the Q10 and I struggled to type.

    I like the form factor of the Q10 and it seemed like the perfect size, I also found that some of the apps and graphics don't scale properly on the small screen.

    I decided to stick with the z30 and my second choice would be a z10, just personal preference that's all.

    Sent from my lovely z30 on T Mobile USA
    06-12-14 05:16 AM

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