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    Good morning all. I'm currently having issues with my Z30 where my battery power is decreasing a lot more than normal and my data usage has ran out after only 14 days (2gb) which is only used for about an hour a day on Facebook (edit* and general Web browsing). I've never had this issue before since changing from o2 to Three. Can anyone assist please?

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    02-02-15 03:56 AM
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    Check battery usage with device monitor and see what's eating it up.

    Could well be BBM even if you don't use it.

    Try a hard reset using both volume keys.

    "Z30 STA100-2 UK" Get's a Ten from Fen.
    02-02-15 04:05 AM
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    Check all your Hub accounts for their update frequencies. An IMAP mail account with 5min polling interval can cause several MB data traffic per day. Twitter the same. Set all of them to "Manually", just for a test, and look what happens to the data traffic. Then decide what accounts do you really need, delete some and configure proper update intervals in the remaining onces. Try to use the Push option for IMAP accounts. Switch off automatic software updates. All these things affect data traffic and battery.
    02-02-15 04:11 AM
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    Good afternoon.

    Many thanks for your replies. I've turned my data off and noticed a sudden change in battery, so I'm going to do a reboot of the system. See which app is affecting it!

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    02-02-15 08:42 AM
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    As suggested Device Monitor can show a variety of usage patterns. It shows Battery usage but you can switch. But while viewing the Battery use, you can tap on the apps or processes and see detailed info including Data and wifi use (scroll down to see the additional graphs).
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    02-02-15 08:53 AM
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    I don't know your app situation but about 7 months I was having a similar issue and device monitor showed some infrequent data spikes by BBM, system and PIM services but it wasn't the main problem. Another poster was having issues with several android apps launching themselves and running in the background. I had a few myself. I downloaded an app called Taskmanager that is an app monitor and killer.

    I started monitoring the app and noticed my main problem was four android apps launching and running in the background on and off throughout the day. I deleted all but Skype, which I need for some out of country work contacts. Still monitoring, I noted that Skype would run in the background 8 to 9 times a day for 10mins to 40mins at a time, with data spikes. I started killing it every time Taskmanager showed it running and my data spikes dropped significantly. Of interest was the fact that Taskmanager would show Skype active when sometimes Device Manager wouldn't show it active, yet the data spikes would show up on the graphs. I also started turning my data services off at night and noted my data use to drop to pre-problem levels.

    My story, maybe applicable or not.

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    02-02-15 11:11 PM
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    I also had the problem when I upgraded with a Blitz IS Works fine but battery drainage was a mystery. I gave 2 days after I installed the new OS to bring the indexing to normalcy and battery was okay.

    Just yesterday alone I had serious headache with battery on 97% before sleep and 27% when I woke. Phone was hit.

    I hit on my normal BlackBerry savior App (Crack Berry) I discovered that some apps work in the background esp one stupid Android app that launches itself without my permission.

    Using Device Monitor I was able to get this.

    Also, it may interest you to know that your Pictures actually run in the background to make 'Stories ' and it chops off battery life.

    Go to your pictures, swipe from top down, click on settings. Toggle the Automatic... off.

    That saves battery too.

    Check the attached image.

    Hope this helps.
    Enjoy your blackberry.

    Issues with Battery and Data-img_20150203_155843.png

    From my ZedThir30 with Love / STA100 -2.
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    02-03-15 09:00 AM

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