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    Hi all,

    I switched from an iPhone to a Z30 and really like it :-)
    Now I've got the following Problem:

    How can I change the sync period of my iCloud Email account?
    I've organized everything in Folders and want to have access to it. But it seems to sync only couple of days back and doesn't show all the older Emails of the folder.

    Device: Z30, OS10.2.0.429

    On my Outlook account I can select the sync period, am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks a lot,

    PS: Is it possible to save an Email from account X in a folder of account Y?
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    12-21-13 06:39 AM
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    I'm trying to get you an answer.
    12-23-13 10:29 AM
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    Thanks @pkcable

    I think I found a solution:

    1. add your email as usual, (1.& 2. step only if you have calendar and contacts attached to it)
    2. delete the email Part of this account and
    3. create a new one and set it up manually -> there you can find the sync period Option.

    i don't know whether or not this solved my problem or if I was just not patient enough to wait till all folders where synced.

    don't forget to activate the folder sync in the settings

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    12-25-13 09:55 AM
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    still looking for a solution to save an Email from Account x in Account y though

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    12-25-13 09:57 AM
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    12-26-13 09:02 AM

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