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    BlackBerry Z30 Review – the Biggest, Best and Last Ever BlackBerry


    Screen: 8/10 - Sharp, bright and crisp screen despite low resolution
    Camera: 7/10 - Poor compared to most high-end smartphones
    Operating System - 8/10 - BlackBerry 10.2 is a definite improvement and BlackBerry Hub is the best email/notification handling platform out there.
    Design: 7/10 - Uninspiring, practical and sturdy. More Caterpillar boot than Louboutin stiletto
    Build Quality: 9/10 - Excellent throughout
    Value: 7/10 - Not cheap and uncertain future for company makes it a risky investment
    Overall: 7/10 - The best BlackBerry ever made in my opinion, but too little too late in so many ways.

    The Good:

    Great battery life
    BlackBerry Hub
    Decent screen

    The Bad:

    BlackBerry eco-system still lacking
    Camera not great
    Bulky, uninspiring design
    10-07-13 05:29 PM
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    I haven't personally held a Z30, but I think they missed the mark on saying it is "bulky and uninspiring design".
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    10-07-13 05:49 PM
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    I'm surprised by the "decent screen" comment as a plus. Even If they were stretching looking for positives comments on this site would lead you thinking other wise. Personally I can't wait to trade in my Z10 for the Z30.

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    10-07-13 06:03 PM
  4. jay_men's Avatar
    I'm guessing all these "positive" reviews may be a reflection of some in the market realizing that specs is not really everything. iPhone has done this but the intro of the Moto X may have helped in that regard as well. Regards to the "bulky design" comment, I can't wait to compare the Z30 to the Sony Z1 and the Nokia 920 which both have relatively the same weight as the Z30.

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    10-07-13 08:48 PM

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