1. suman kumar 9944's Avatar
    can u please help me out ?i m getting headche with this because i have to degrade my software
    02-06-17 11:27 AM
  2. BerrySpawn's Avatar
    Not sure exactly what your issue is, but if it's about Z30 connectivity issues with you pc then it could be the Blackberry Device Manager. You could try uninstalling your Desktop Manager which should uninstall BDM as well. Then either reinstall Desktop Manager or just plug in Z30 and the BDM will be reinstalled.
    02-06-17 02:10 PM
  3. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    The message is not a normal computer error message, not counting the typos.
    Is that exactly the message displayed or are you translating from another regional language?

    To add, you mention "degrade" your software.
    If you are trying to install an older BB10 OS on your Z30 than what is presently on it, you may have issues.
    Any BB10 OS after can not be downgraded (degraded) to a previous version, more so on the 10.3.3 versions that were leaked and also now live.
    Previous OS versions are locked out from being installed on the devices via a boot level "black list" which can not be removed or edited by anyone other than BlackBerry.
    02-06-17 02:21 PM
  4. 1122334455667788's Avatar
    I'm not positive what you're saying, but maybe you should try a different USB cable.?
    02-06-17 03:12 PM
  5. suman kumar 9944's Avatar
    tried,but it isnt working
    02-07-17 12:16 PM
  6. suman kumar 9944's Avatar
    tried every thing it is showing the same thing
    02-07-17 12:17 PM
  7. Carl Estes's Avatar
    You might try to find a friend who will let you try to install the BBDM on their pc temporarily for troubleshooting reasons.
    Could be a pc issue.
    02-07-17 02:57 PM

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