09-26-13 01:09 AM
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  1. BonfireSoft's Avatar
    Z30 looks much better "in person". I also did not like all the pre-release photos of the device. Once I got one in my hand though - observed the following:

    1) It doesn't feel 5". Very comfy to hold - more comfortable than Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One
    2) It looks much better than Z10. The bottom silver bezel is actually a part of metal band going around the phone - looks very cool and high quality
    3) Back is made of similar carbon-fibre-slip-proof material as Q10's, but seems to blend in better and is part of the same theme.

    Overall, I own Z10, Q10 and Z30 (for development) - and of all these phones Z30 is a clear winner. Not sure if it can take on Galaxy S4 (can't compete in specs) - but a definite iPhone 5 (S?) killer.

    If BlackBerry prices it properly (and bad news stop coming in before the holidays) - I think they have a chance selling quite a few.
    09-25-13 02:12 PM
  2. jdcfinisher's Avatar
    I'll have to see it and try it. I got a z10 in Feb. With all the early adopter problems. Can't stand the Q10 screen, the Q5 is just plain cheap looking, feeling. The low specs on the z30 are a problem, and the screen maybe too. I just wish BlackBerry would just make a high end phone ,or aleast use current hardware, dont know why BB is two years behind in hardware . They can't be that far behind in design and purchasing.

    Posted via Z10
    09-25-13 04:20 PM
  3. Rello's Avatar
    Looks aside, i'll get it for the battery life alone. Im sorry but the Z10's battery life doesnt impress me at all. Im glad I have a spare battery for it or I wouldnt be able to deal with it.

    Bigger screen, much better battery, and the enhanced speakers all have me ready to make the jump
    09-25-13 04:32 PM
  4. Kevstra's Avatar
    The Z30 is the new Z10 for me. Originally, I was gonna only get the Q10, because I thought it would be coming "soon after the Z10." That's when I realized what "soon" means to BlackBerry, and I just couldn't wait anymore, I had to have the Z10 when it launched even though I had never had a touch screen device (then I got the Q10 when it came out).

    When images of the Z30 appeared, and it turned out that the specs weren't "stellar," I was kind of indifferent about it, especially because of the phablet size. Then, like the Z10, I keep seeing more high resolution pictures, and hearing good things about the battery and premium feel, and now, the Z30 has really grown on me.

    I'm not a sucker, and if I thought it wasn't the best, I wouldn't buy it. I've never bought low end BlackBerrys (at the time I bought them, the 8320 and 8900 were just a different kind of high end). The BlackBerry news has given me a mild level of anxiety lately, and all I want is for the company to prosper and continue to make devices available to us somehow.

    I've always been a supporter of BlackBerry, and in this time where we are not 100% sure that there will ever be new BlackBerry phones (so sad to even type that), I just feel like getting a Z30 is what I gotta do.
    Wow, you're my BlackBerry Doppelganger. This post could have been written by me. I share this story and these thoughts exactly.

    Posted via CB10
    09-26-13 12:37 AM
  5. stackberry369's Avatar
    Machined metal like the bottons on the Z10 I believe.

    Posted via CB10
    jblm,why do you look like ric flair?
    09-26-13 01:09 AM
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