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    I thought I'd hurry and post this since the rear isn't yet finalized. What would you guys think about BlackBerry using a white "glass weave" for the white Z30 back cover?
    How's this for the white Z30 back cover?-fiberglass.jpg

    Fiberglass is naturally white. It was dyed black to give it a carbon fiber-esque look. I'm sure BlackBerry already has ideas on a white backing for the Z30, but just in case they don't they should take mine because it's awesome! .

    I know there are employees at RIM that look at this forum. If you happen to see this and hold any influence that can actually make this possible, it's in everybody's best interest that you do so. . No other phone has a back cover like this and it will definitely turn heads.

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    09-27-13 12:09 PM
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    Looks pretty cool to me!
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    09-27-13 12:14 PM
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    I'm perfectly happy with my Q10, but I would get that phone in white for pure wifi use if it had a back cover like that because it's sexy as *(#& AND durable.

    @BlackBerry Let's get the facts straight here. Nothing would have to change in the manufacturing process of the Z30. The only difference is the material that you use (white fiberglass instead of black). All of the costs remain the same. Why waste time, money, and resources creating alternate white covers like you did for the Z10 and Q10? This saves you money, time, and adds sex appeal. Glass weave is BlackBerry unique and it should be used on every device. It's a no brainer if you ask me.
    09-27-13 12:28 PM

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