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    09-13-16 05:18 AM
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    Sorry in twitter

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    09-13-16 05:20 AM
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    Launch "BlackBerry Assistant" and search for "view trending topics" - this will launch native twitter app and show trending topics - that is the only way I know of now on the native app since the feature was removed.
    How to see trending tweets in igrann-img_20160913_073509.png
    How to see trending tweets in igrann-img_20160913_073438.png

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    09-13-16 07:37 AM
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    How to launch blackberry assistant

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    09-13-16 10:44 AM
  5. ssirica's Avatar
    It is one of the BlackBerry native apps - their answer to Siri - you can even "speak" it instead of type it. App Icon is on bottom right of my screen-shot.
    How to see trending tweets in igrann-img_20160913_220753.png

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    09-13-16 10:10 PM

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