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    I just switched from a Bold to a Z30. I'm not finding any menu or Help advice about forwarding a PIN, text message or email in another format. I did this all the time with my Bold.

    I'm still getting all my email accounts onto the Z30 so I have not yet tried replying or forwarding from a different account but I see that was problematic with BB 10 -- and maybe still is.

    Am I just missing something or are these features lost, temporarily at least? Thanks.
    10-23-13 09:48 AM
  2. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    Yeah, you can only change the sending account of an email to be forwarded. But you can't cross-forward (text -> email, text->bbm).

    Fortunately the select/copy/paste utility has gotten pretty good, so when you hold to select it brings up the 'share' icon. If you tap that, it will bring up all your accounts you can share the selected text with.

    How to "forward as" so I can send a PIN as an email or text?-img_00000783.png

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    10-23-13 09:55 AM
  3. RobtheBold's Avatar
    I used to use the Forward As function a TON for taking an email an forwarding as a PIN. I do not like being forced to stay in Email - that's a loss for me. The Share function is great, but does not help me here.

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    10-29-13 09:01 AM

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