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    Well, I am struggling to get my iPhone 5 switched back to my Z30. At first it started that everything was fine, but couldn't get text messages from iPhone users as my BB thought it was getting iMessages.
    I did all that could (short of calling Apple and being manually deactivated) to try and get back to my BB.
    The last time I tried to make the switch, the only network reading I got was 4glte, NOT 4GLTE. (I never got the BB network logo on the top of my screen).
    When I try test call, all I get is "You are roaming...".
    I am on Verizon network and want to get my Z30 back. Any help (or further questions) would be a big help. THANKS!

    I am worried that if I deactivate from Apple and there is some other issue I am not aware of, I will be w/o a phone. All I want is a seamless switch.
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    You have to go onto the Apple website and deregister your iPhone from iMessage. Apple holds your number hostage and automatically sends SMS messages from iPhones as iMessages.

    As for the network issues, I've had this happen from time to get and fixed it with a simple restart. If it persists, I would call your carrier. Could be the z30 model you have, or your plan. Telus here in Canada said I needed a special PDA plan to have a BB10 device, whatevertf that means!
    04-17-14 01:39 AM
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    Here is a few fixs step by step from crackberry sister website imore.


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    04-17-14 02:04 AM
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    This is a bit elementary, but it might still prove helpful:


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    04-17-14 02:02 PM

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