1. raouafi tr's Avatar
    install google play

    Posted via CB10
    Last edited by raouafi tr; 08-15-15 at 06:38 PM.
    06-17-15 02:18 PM
  2. wysiwyg86's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat, I need this app as well.

    Posted via CB10
    06-17-15 03:35 PM
  3. non-vtec's Avatar
    Sell your blackberry and get a android phone.

    Posted via CB10
    06-17-15 06:08 PM
  4. conite's Avatar
    Yes. If you NEED this app, you bought into the wrong ecosystem.

    Try Hg10 from bbw. You can also fiddle around for a while with Cobalt's apps and patchers and get the Android app mostly working.

    06-17-15 06:20 PM

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