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    Have my Z30 a couple weeks now and have noticed an unusual "undocumented feature" When I hang up from a phone call when using my Jawbone Bluetooth headset, the music player starts up with a random song. This has happened 3 - 4 times now. Not a major issue, but kind of weird. Any others out there have this happen?
    11-13-13 10:10 PM
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    When you try to hang up, the call likely terminated already from the other person hanging up.
    By pressing the "hang up" button, which sometimes is also the "play" button, you are launching the music app and playing all songs in shuffle mode, thus a random song plays.

    I actually love this feature. I have a stereo bluetooth headset and I just turn them on. My BB10 automatically pairs. I press the "play" button on my Bluetooth headset and the music app will auto open and play shuffle all. No need to manually open up the music player or click on shuffle all.

    Don't know if there is a way to disable this. Maybe next time just wait till the other person hangs up. lol

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    11-13-13 10:28 PM
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    The above reply blows my mind.

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    11-13-13 11:53 PM
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    Sounds like a good possibility, but when it only happens when I hang up from a call on Bluetooth. If I just push the button on the Jawbone, as I do to hang up, it tells me the battery level, and does not start up the music player.
    11-14-13 09:19 PM
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    Have you tried pressing any other buttons on your Jawbone? Maybe you are accidentally pressing another button?

    Edit: Thought it was weird that you would hear the battery level so I looked up your bluetooth.

    You'll never run out of juice with Jawbone ERA. To check battery status, ............. if your phone is out of reach, just press the TALK button on Jawbone ERA to hear an update: "About 5 hours of talk time remaining".
    I'm guessing the Jawbone "battery status " feature usually overrides the "Talk/Play" signal that is sent to the phone when you are not on a call, but it is disabled during a call so you can end a call. But it also might take a few seconds for it to initialize after you end a call. Thus in specific cases where someone has hung up on the other end of your phone call, but your Jawbone bluetooth hasn't initialized the "battery status" feature, it will actually send the normal Talk" signal to the phone, which when you are not on a phone call, is a "Play" signal.


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