1. Tim Maclennan's Avatar
    This is getting very annoying now! Seems to be getting more frequent. When starting a race, my car insists driving to the right.... I've just wasted some drive points and all 3 free agent bonuses on a time trial :/

    Sometimes restarting the game fixes and I've fixed it once by pausing the race and re collaborating the gyroscope.

    I'm hoping this is a software issue within the game and not a hardware issue :/

    Posted via my Z30 on CB10 App!
    02-24-14 05:23 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    i used to see it once in 50 times but I have not seen it in a couple weeks. Not sure if there was an update or not in that time frame
    02-24-14 06:56 PM
  3. mtarggart's Avatar
    I have this problem A LOT. Sometimes the first race it will be fine, but the next race, the car won't turn or it will only turn left or right. This happens even without tilting or putting down my Z10 between races. Often times I have to pause and physically smack the phone against my hand one way or the other and that usually fixes it...for that race. Some times pausing and flipping the phone 180 degrees to the right or the left will fix it...for that race.

    It is extremely annoying now. If I wasn't as far along as I am, I would stop playing. It has to be the game because the gyroscope works fine for any other app. I've tested the compass and a level app.

    Calibration doesn't seem to help. I did read somewhere a while back to turn off Location Services and power the phone all the way down. Not restart, shutdown. Then turn it back on. I did this once and it worked fine for about a week, then started acting up again. I've not tried it in a while, but I probably will now just to see if it works any better.
    04-05-14 11:51 AM
  4. Jessedesmond's Avatar
    I have the same problem, ha anyone figure out the solution cos I don't just want to delete the game I just spent 3 days and over 1gb of data downloading

    Posted via CB10
    03-21-16 07:33 AM

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