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    So about 2 days ago, I went to the Bell store just down the street and asked about upgrading to the Z30. The store rep asked me about my current plan and I told him it was from 6 years ago he immediately said the only way I could get the phone I wanted would be to downgrade my plan significantly. I was taken back by the fact that I would have to change my plan after so many years, so I called bell and asked them what they could dog for me and after a couple minutes of being put on hold they said they would give me the Z30 for zero on a 3 year contract lol but I get to keep my old plan so we both walked away happy. And this phone is absolutely amazing I love it to death!! The screen is beautiful and it's fast and fluid. Battery is a beast and lots of apps I have already almost filled up my phone with all the awesome apps. Best Christmas ever!!!! Seriously this phone is amazing and I am loving every second of it I have small hands but I have no issue typing landscape at all. Internet browser is odd. Some sites load funny. Nothing horrid just odd. Like font sizing gets strange and sometimes imgur.com pics don't load proper but I think that's the site and not the phone. Still amazing phone and so much better than iPhone!!!! Like holy crap it's so much better than the fisher price toy from 2007!!!! Z30 destroys apples phone hands down. And no more app bull**** I can download any android app I want so suck it *****.
    Got a Z30 for free!!!!!-6kea6tu.jpg

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    12-30-13 04:51 AM
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    Glad it worked out for you. I love my Z30 too!

    I'm on Telus in Vancouver, but I know a couple Bell people here who are also getting Z30 from Bell, like you.

    For the Browser, I have one thing you can try.
    Open Browser, open overflow menu (i.e. 3 dots at bottom right corner). Tap Settings, probably at top of list. Select Developer Tools. Toggle Desktop Mode to On, and then Back out of the menu.

    See if you like the Browser better in Desktop Mode.
    Either way, enjoy!
    12-30-13 05:16 AM

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