1. baspeed's Avatar
    I'm not sure if it's due to the new OS update and the phone is figuring things out but I never have to charge early evening. I hardly have to plug it in at all until I sleep at 11pm.

    It's a BlackBerry Z30 on Big Red on 10.3
    07-08-15 05:31 PM
  2. mad_mdx's Avatar
    Let's see your device monitor
    07-08-15 05:59 PM
  3. edwingmel's Avatar
    11 hours of heavy use and it's down to 25 percent.

    Updated day before.

    Got Verizon 10.3 and need to charge battery at 6pm-img_20150708_162004.png

    Posted via CB10
    07-08-15 06:20 PM
  4. astrodan13's Avatar
    Also on Vz Z30. First full day for me the battery drained pretty quickly. Today it's been off charge for 11 1/2 hrs, down to 56% and says 14 hours remaining. I used it moderately, not really heavy. Just give it a couple of days and see how things turn out. I personally expect my phone to get a little better over the next 2-3 day's also. If it doesn't get better, post a screen shot of the battery in device monitor and cpu from device monitor. A lot of great people here that can help with those two screen shots.

    Rocking a Z30 on Verizon
    07-08-15 06:44 PM
  5. astrodan13's Avatar
    Got Verizon 10.3 and need to charge battery at 6pm-img_20150708_194530.png

    Rocking a Z30 on Verizon
    07-08-15 06:46 PM
  6. baspeed's Avatar
    Here it is.
    Got Verizon 10.3 and need to charge battery at 6pm-img_20150708_205815.png

    It's a BlackBerry Z30 on Big Red on 10.3
    07-08-15 07:58 PM
  7. astrodan13's Avatar
    Oh, wow. Your system is eating a big chunk. See if it comes down in the next day or two. I had the same problem with my Z10 way back when it did an OTA update to 10.1 if I remember right. The system was always around 40% of the battery and when looking at the CPU in device monitor it was always above 50% of the CPU. The only thing that helped my Z10 was to do a wipe and reinstall the OS fresh without restoring my settings. Something got mucked up when it did the update on me. So, hopefully it will settle down for you and you won't have to reload the OS. If it stays like that for more than 4 days then I'd back up all my contacts and such and reload the OS from scratch. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Anyone else here have a better idea to try?

    Rocking a Z30 on Verizon
    07-08-15 08:19 PM
  8. oldsoul123's Avatar
    Give it a few days. The battery will drain quick on a new OS for the first couple of days, then it will start getting better. Try restarting it once a day. I found that helped.

    Rock'n the most Awesomest Z30!
    07-08-15 08:32 PM
  9. texn884's Avatar
    try just turning the phone off far a while
    07-08-15 08:34 PM
  10. baspeed's Avatar
    2nd day was much better. I didn't have to find a charger till morning at 7%

    It's a BlackBerry Z30 on Big Red on 10.3
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    07-10-15 05:45 AM
  11. lady of the lake's Avatar
    Check your app permissions. There is a "run when minimized " option that is different from the "run in background " option. It's turned on for most apps and you need to turn it off for each individual app and your battery life will increase greatly.

    My bitchin' BlackBerry Z30
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    07-10-15 09:03 AM

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