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    So, through friends of friends, I have a Z30 here in Canada, which proved to be harder than I would have thought, as all the carriers now want you to sign 2 year deals, and toss your old plan for a new, much more expensive one...

    But I now have it in my possession, and other than cutting down my sim from my Torch 9800, it went pretty smooth.

    I wanted to post a link to a youtube vid that walked me through the Device Switch app. More so that you need to go to deviceswitch.com on the old device to get the correct app, as AppWorld only has the BB10 app, and if you somehow do get to it, it tells you it isn't available.

    It may be listed here already, but in case it isn't, very basic and easy walk through of how to use it.

    How to use the BlackBerry 10 Device Switch app | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

    over the wifi at the office, it took about 3 minutes to copy 156 contacts, 266 calendar items, 96 photos, 8 docs, and 16 memos... I didn't have to install any software on any pc, or do any backups of the old device what so ever.

    And the best part, in case of a catastrophic issue with my new phone, all of my personal stuff is still on my old device, in case I ever have an emergency, and need to bring it up again. It did not bring over my sms (text) msgs though, which is kinda inconvenient, but all in all everything went flawlessly.

    Blackberry definitely hit this nail on the head, I'm kinda wanting to get a friends iPhone or Android to see how well it works with them.
    03-10-14 08:39 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Glad you are enjoying the Z30!
    03-10-14 09:14 AM

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