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    Would someone with a Z30 take a look at the the left side, just above the HDMI and USB ports. The small thin band that goes around the phone meets just above the ports. Mine is slightly out of place, which isn't a big deal as long as it stays how it is. What I am concerned with is it becoming loose and the end snagging in a pocket pulling it out of place. Pulling it further and unwrapping from the phone ?
    it is only minor the phone itself is stunning!

    Sorry for the title was distracted, tried to keep it simple
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    You should put a more descriptive title.

    My first thought was you were having problems with the Finnish language (Suomi) settings.

    I don't have a Z30 so can't answer your question.

    Edit: Maybe post a picture?

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    10-16-13 07:58 PM

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