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    I have been accessing Facebook on my BlackBerry Z30 browser for over a year with no issues. Lately as I go through my time line it takes a very long time to load up. A few scrolls and I have to wait sometimes up to a min for the next bit of time line to load. I notice the whole browse slows right now and can be unresponsive for mins.
    I have cleared cache and history multiple times. RE booted phone multiple times. I have not noticed this when surfing the Web and at other sites. The browser does seem to leave things not loaded up at times.

    Any suggestions? This just me? Is it possible to Reload only the browser?


    Posted via CB10
    01-09-16 08:04 AM
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    The browser along with many native BlackBerry apps, have not been updated in ages. This is likely part of the reason.

    Rock'n the awesome Z30 STA100-5 on
    01-09-16 09:58 AM

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